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Bill Clark, Monroe Township
Metal Sculptor/Found Objects

Most people, when they look at machine parts, see machine parts. They look at an old cash register key and see a key. Or they look at a fan blade and see a blade. They certainly don't see feathers and flowers. That's because most people aren't Bill Clark.

Is Bill strange? Of course he is. Well, if not strange then odd, and if not odd then unusual. You've heard songs where the singer says he sees the morning sun in his lover's eyes. Or he sees eternal love in the curve of her hand. Bill is like that. Only he sees a bird beak in a funnel. He sees a baseball player in a lawn mower.

How he does this, only he knows. If you've ever rebuilt a four-cycle engine, you've held a rocker arm. They're part of what opens and closes valves, so the engine can breathe. They spend their lives hidden away, hot and hectic, and they definitely are not flower petals.

To be photographed by: Frank Weiss