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Cliff Mautner, Haddonfield

"As a wedding photographer serving both Philadelphia and New York," writes Cliff Mautner, "I'm perhaps best known for my authentic, dramatic, and timeless photography. Light, texture, dimension, mood, composition, anticipation, passion, emotion, energy, romance, and relationships are the elements that I'll use to create your inspiring and timeless wedding photos."

"You might find it interesting that I spent the first fifteen years of my professional career as a photojournalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. I left the newspaper trade in 1998 but those experiences as a photojournalist provided me with unparalleled insight into how to tell a story—your wedding story. Diligence and vigilance will be my bywords as I create photographs that will make you laugh, sigh, and cry—photographs that you'll cherish for decades to come. This is my promise."

Artist Subjects: Soraida Martinez & Joseph Paprzycki