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Joanie Gagnon San Chirico, Toms River
Mixed Media

"My work is about preservation, whether it be natural resources or ancient artifacts," explains Joanie San Chirico. "My art has a certain ambiguity to it; the viewer relates to the image and places it in his mind to a specific location. The actual original location most likely has nothing to do with the viewer's preconception, and may not physically exist anywhere except in my imagination. More than simple paintings, these mixed-media works portray natural surfaces using the imagery of this planet's fragile beauty."

Joanie San Chirico offers acrylic paintings and work constructed of various textiles, which achieve the illusion of natural patinas. Mosaic or glass installations can be constructed employing a qualified fabricator. Her atrium sculptures and commissioned wall-mounted pieces are site specific and inspired by the environment and the area surrounding the installation. She works closely with architects, designers, and developers. Natural, recycled, and organic materials are available for LEED-certified buildings, and work is available for Evidence-Based Design applications. San Chirico is a Signature Artist Member of the Noyes Museum of Art, Oceanville, NJ, and is represented by several galleries.

To be photographed by: Magdalena Kernan