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Megan Emigh, Haddonfield

Now Megan Emigh plays several instruments, including the piccolo, which she played for the Haddonfield Symphony before it became Symphony in C. She loves to tell students, when she visits schools with educational programs, to plug their ears when she pulls out the piccolo, because if they thought the flute could play high, watch out!

Megan’s family moved from the Chicago area to Haddon Township so that she could attend the Juilliard Pre-College Division. Megan studied at the Basel Music Academy in Switzerland after Juilliard. After Switzerland, she came back to the States, back to South Jersey, and back to Symphony in C, where she is now principal flute. Chamber music is “ideal” for her, she says. And she loves the “enriching and stretching” symphonic playing, the school outreach, and the opportunities to play jazz and free improvisation in collaboration with other art forms, like dance. “I’m trying to find even more ways to build bridges…so that the audience will be fully engaged.”

To be photographed by: Magdalena Kernan