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Steven Greer, Lumberton

"I began my career chasing critters through the muck and mire, photographing all forms of flora and fauna," writes Steven Greer. "I contributed to all the major natural history editorials including National Geographic, Smithsonian, and National Wildlife.  Fast forward to today and I traded in my chest waders and telephoto lens for a comfy studio and professional travel strobes. Now I use storytelling to create images that represent peoples’ lives through their careers, their pursuits to better themselves through health, style, and beauty. I love making portraits of interesting people doing interesting things."

"My strengths include listening, thinking creatively and delivering high quality photos on time and on budget.  I don’t stop until I get the shot.  I obsess over quality control and strive for excellence.  I want the assignment where people say it’s too difficult."

Artist Subjects:  Albert Horner & Kimberly Chapman