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Susan Gietka, Hammonton

Susan Grace Gietka loves capturing real life moments and has won multiple awards for her fine art work.
"My camera has been my favorite accessory for over 20 years," writes Gietka. "I fell in love with photography back in the days of film. My children were my favorite subjects for many years. I loved capturing them in the moment, just doing what kids do. Recording the love they have for each other, the pouty faces, the silly faces and the smiley faces."

"I seek out the emotion in the moment and capture it. Real moments are what matters when you look back on your life. I love my job and I am so grateful that I get to record special moments in my clients lives. Time flies, little ones leave the nest and the memories fade but photographs are reminders of what was."

Artist Subjects:  Victor Grasso & Molly Sanger Carpenter